Packaging of the ready meals Potato Spinach Casserole, Lasagne Bolognese and Vegetable Lasagne and BioCool Mascot Pea with bubble: Have you tried it?

About BioCool

Basic assortment with attractive pricing
BioCool was launched in 2010 as our brand for every day, based on our experience as a wholesaler specialized in organic deep frozen since 1996. In our „best of“ basic assortment for quick and easy cooking, we intend to make every day life more comfortable for the customers. BioCool combines attractive pricing with reliable organic qualities and practical, easy-to-handle packaging in a modern design.

BioCool products


3 packages of BioCool ice cream

In the well known consumer magazine our vanilla ice cream has achieved the best test results in comparison. Already tasted it? BioCool ice cream is now also available in chocolate and Neapolitan Ice Cream.

Fruits and vegetables

Three packages of BioCool fruits: Mango, strawberries and cherries

THE absolute big seller in every deep frozen assortment. Great packaging, attractive price.

Enjoying sustainable fish

Package of BioCool salmon

Two salmon fillets (salmo salar) from sustainable organic aquaculture in Norway. No preventive use of antibiotics, more room for the fish, the breeding happens preserving the environment.

Packaging & Labeling

Our products are labeled as standard in accordance with the statutory labeling requirements of Germany. For individual and country-specific requirements, we can offer you agreements and solutions on request. Please e-mail us for your inquiries.

Our other brands


Premium quality since 2005
Biopolar is our premium quality brand with look and feel. The gourmet products are manufactured by small producers who work handcrafted, according to traditional recipes, for an authentic culinary experience. The packages of our wide range of products have a professional, clear design, and will be an eyecatcher in the freezer.


Sustainable fish products from the sea
Wildzeit stands for sustainability and best quality. Our fish is caught in the open sea according to strict Naturland wild fish guidelines to protect fish stocks and ecosystems. All other ingredients in our products are certified organic.